The *possible* exhibition

Polaroid photography by Ale Di Gangi
20+1 selected shots – 2007/2010

This exhibition is still available on request.
Drop me a line for details and arrangements.

The *possible* exhibition @ Melbookstore (Firenze)
The Possible Exhibition at Melbookstore

Each exhibition featuring a variable set of photos.

Polaroid is a unique art form because it produces only original analogue pieces.

Between 1929 to 2008 – the year when instant materials production stops – the Polaroid name has earned the status of Art form and that of photographic ideal in the common imagery, revolutioning its very concept and image.

In the year 2010 The Impossible Project starts producing and makes available its newly-reinvented instant films, thus giving a breath of new life to analog instant photography.

During the gap between the first and second incarnations of instant materials, Ale Di Gangi resolves to start exhibiting a selection of his own Polaroid shots.
This is where the name of the exhibition comes from: “the possible exhibition” marks since its title not only the renewed possibility of continuing to pursue and create an art form doomed for extinction, but also a return to the exhibition form for Ale Di Gangi himself.

The *possible* exhibition collects 20+1 original Polaroid shots along with a small selection of reproductions of these printed on plexiglass panels in format 1:1 and 50x61cm.

The plexiglass support gives depth and luminosity to colors thus emphasizing the original format of the photos; each picture is faithfully reproduced so that what makes a Polaroid shot as such becomes evident and almost palpable: from the paper frame texture to the peculiarities of the colours, keeping intact each detail of the originals – flaws included.

The plexiglass prints, carefully made from high-resolution scans, are on sale and can be requested from the artist.

The Melbookstore opening night in Firenze; video by Carmen Palermo (

The *possible* exhibition is a traveling exhibition that has already visited various locations and cities and on each location some of the photos change. This helps keeping alive the interest of those who may want to visit the exhibition more than once; furthermore, the activity of Ale Di Gangi as a photographer is stressed by the fact that he keeps shooting and selecting for each next exhibition.


The possible exhibition:
list of venues and dates

Iteration 1: PistoiaMarch-April 2010c/o 01 hair-space
Iteration 2: FirenzeApril-May 2010c/o Société Anonyme clothing store
Iteration 3: FirenzeMay-July 2010c/o CUCO cucina contemporanea
Iteration 4: FirenzeSeptember-October 2010c/o Dada Spa. Private exhibition not open to the public.
Iteration 5: FirenzeOctober-November 2010c/o Melbookstore Seeber
Iteration 6: TriesteNovember-January 2010/2011c/o KNULP Libreria Bar