A jaunt in Venezia

These photographs were taken during a trip to Venezia in September 2013 using my iPhone and the VSCO Cam app and an analog Holga camera. Now I have created two different stories on Storehouse to illustrate the story in 2 parts.
Read more and see the photographs.


Exhibiting Polaroids at Photokina 2014

This week (Sept. 16th – 21st) are you attending the Photokina 2014 event in Cologne?
Then you will be able to see 15 of my instant analog photographs (Polaroid/Impossible) on exhibition at the Impossible stand, located at Hall 2.1 – Stand: C023.


“Impossible” a video by mb! Mercedes Benz, featuring 2 of my Polaroids

I am so proud today to have 2 Polaroid photographs featured in a beautiful video mb! by Mercedes Benz has done about Impossible, filmed at the Enschede factory where film production takes place.
The short is a marvelous insight of how the films are done, how the chemicals work, and the unique results that this analog technology can give, still so far and superior from anything digital.


Mobiography: 10 Superbly Colorful iPhone Photographs

Mobiography.com published today a new showcase titled “10 Superbly Colourful iPhone Photographs” and I am happy that one of the photographs selected for this showcase is my Alégria, notable moments in contemporary environments #16.
Feels like a celebration for the ongoing Alégria series, this month 1 year in the making.


The 2013 GoPix Awards winning artists portfolios

Tzipac’s lates magazine, “Issue 5 – Zebra and GoPix award winning artists portfolios” is out now and you can flip through my portfolio and profile: back in April my photograph Walking on thin ice won the 1st place in the Abstract and Contemporary category, while Life during wartime was also amongst the finalists in the same category.