Poeatry of the daily picked at Picfair

Poetry of the daily picked by Picfair

Picfair has quickly become my favourite microstock photography shop for all iPhoneography matters. My most interesting images are available there - and you should definitely check the site out, either if you need to buy or sell microstock. Today the staff at Picfair created a new series of picked photographs titled Summer, in the distance and included my photo Poetry of the…


UPDATE: VEROSIMILE painterly exhibition extended!

Good news! The VEROSIMILE painterly exhibition ℅ CUCO cucina contemporanea in Firenze has been extended to stay a little longer. The exhibition will be open until at least one week after Easter - this means you still have time to visit and enjoy it. I am very happy about this extension, since the appreciation the exhibition is…

Mixtape, Vol.2

A new Mixtape (Vol.2)

Even though today it’s raining outside (again), it’s still springtime and it’s Friday and I have made a new mixtape in the shape of a Spotify playlist for you to kick on the weekend on the right mood. Again there is no common denominator in the choice of the tracks, since it’s just a selection of what I am mostly enjoying and being influenced…


Impossible instant photographer profile

Impossible published today my Instant Photographer profile on its official blog. UPDATE: on April 10th, this same interview appears on The App Whisperer as well, with the title ‘Impossible’ Interview with Ale Di Gangi Ale Di Gangi is Italian, in his late forties and lives in Florence, Italy, with his partner. An accomplished amateur photographer, he works…