The 2013 GoPix Awards winning artists portfolios

Tzipac’s lates magazine, “Issue 5 – Zebra and GoPix award winning artists portfolios” is out now and you can flip through my portfolio and profile: back in April my photograph Walking on thin ice won the 1st place in the Abstract and Contemporary category, while Life during wartime was also amongst the finalists in the same category.


A Cinamatic video: Getting out of the city (Firenze)

Leaving is to die a little. they say.
Every time I start a trip a bout of nostalgia strikes my soul and for a moment I get caught in a mixture of feelings made of sadness, excitement, will to stay and to go at the same time.
The short movie Getting out of the city was filmed on a late early-summer afternoon as a series of Cinamatic clips, with the aim of describing the mixed feelings I experience every time I embark on a trip.


Art Obsession (for METABOX)

In the presence of the art of Hanne Darboven, whose exhibition “The order of time and things. The home studio of Hanne Darboven” I have visited a few weeks ago ℅ the Reina Sofía museum in Madrid, I feel my mind crumble, losing shape and consistency, thickly overlaying the things I see – and then all these numbers, I just don’t understand numbers, I can’t get “in” them, they always slap my brain. Read all about it.


A word about photo galleries

Are you looking for my older photo galleries?
Have you noticed that galleries on this website are missing?
Look no further, here is the answer for you: galleries are still missing on this “new” website, and some of you visitors are still looking for them. I think it’s time to say sorry, as it will take some time before I put them back online.
The photographer activity is not what feeds me. I have a day job that mostly sucks away my daytime.
Given this circumstances, having to choose between the new and the old (the galleries), I decided I should focus on the new.