Let it go dancing (for Metabox)

During my frequent visits to London in the 80s and 90s I had the chance of learning a few tricks for traveling on the tube without paying the fare. Dancing in front of the controllers was one of these tricks. But dancing in everyday life can be useful when facing emergencies and contingencies.


It happened during the weekend

It’s when you turn your head the other way and take a weekend off from your own web persona that things start happening on your back and make you proud.
The weekend that just passed has made me happy and honoured for a number of features that two of my photos have earned. Read on for the details.


Impossible’s analog travelog – Ale Di Gangi in Sicily

The Impossible official blog published in their analog travelog series a gallery of instant photos + reportage I took last September during my last trip to Sicily.
I am happy to have these 17 shots published, since I truly felt I had a story to tell through the wealth of photographs I took during this vacation – I just needed a way to kickstart the telling, though.